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Intro to Prehospital Trauma

On this One Day course participants learn how Point of Care Ultrasound can impact clinical decision making in the acutely injured trauma patient.

The Course Includes:
– Basic Lung Ultrasound
– Pneumothorax and Haemothorax
– Clinical Decision Making Frameworks
– Basic Echo Image acquisition (SubCostal and PSLAX)
– Approach to Basic Echo in Trauma (Tamponade)
– Approach to echo in Traumatic Cardiac Arrest
– Case Studies
– Basic approach to ultrasound for intra-abdominal bleeding

Prehospital Critical Care

2 Day Course
Designed for Clinicians in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine and Critical Care:
This course will equip learners with the knowledge and skills to perform Point of Care Ultrasound exams which contribute powerful information to clinical decision making.

The Course Includes Intro to Prehospital Trauma as Day 1
and then continues with Day 2 including:

– More Focussed Echo for medical emergencies
– AAA, IVC, and DVT acquisition and assessment
– Lung Ultrasound in the critically ill
– Ultrasound Guided Vascular Access
– Fascial Plane Blocks (FICB and Serratus Anterior)
– Optic Nerve Sheath Diameter for TBI
– Case Studies and Evidence Based Algorithms

Remote, Austere & Tactical

Bespoke 1 – 4 Day POCUS Courses for
Prolonged Field Care

Remote and Austere Environments

This course combines the best of our modules to deliver bespoke training to teams based on their operational and deployment model demands;
from 1-4 day courses
including simulation based training,
incremental stress inoculation skills stations,
and animal models

Enhanced & Community Care

1 Day Course
Learn POCUS examinations to guide therapy and refine diagnostic acumen in General Practice, Community, Urgent Care,
and Extended Prehospital Care Settings.

The Course Includes:
– Lung Ultrasound – beyond basics
– Clinical Decision Making Frameworks
– Ultrasound for DVT
– Basic Ultrasound for Soft Tissue (infections, abscesses, foreign bodies, and vascular abnormalities)
– Long Bone Fractures and gross MSK abnormalities
– Basic Renal and Bladder
– Introduction to focussed GI Ultrasound

Ultrasound Guided Procedures

3/4 Day Course
– US Guided Cannulation
– Fascial Plane Blocks
(Including Fascia Illiaca Compartment Block and Serratus Anterior Plane Block)
– Guided Needle Aspiration
– Haematoma Block for fracture site analgesia
– Basic Vascular Assessment for Thrombosis (DVT )

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