Our Faculty

Our courses are taught by a combination of Core Faculty and local instructors to maximise access to participants, keep costs down, and standardise our educational model

Aidan Baron

International Course Director

Aidan is a Paramedic, Researcher, and Educator based in Sydney Australia.
He is the 2020 recipient of the Inaugural Young Clinical Pioneer Scholarship from Phillips Healthcare for his work in promoting POCUS in prehospital and community care.
Aidan completed a Bachelors degree in Paramedic Practice, followed by a BSc Hons comparing different techniques for ultrasound guided IV cannulation by paramedics, and then a Post Graduate Certificate in Point of Care Ultrasound (Emergency Medicine) whilst practicing as a paramedic. Following these studies he spent a year under Professor Tom Quinn in London as a visiting researcher in emergency, cardiovascular, and critical care at the Centre for Health and Social Care Research at Kingston University and St Georges University. During this time he created The PoCUS Course Series and launched the courses across the UK and EU. As of 2022, Aidan has taught in over 11 countries and been a keynote speaker and invited instructor at multiple conferences, medical schools, and courses; as well as teaching at various HEMS organisations, and for military special capability groups. He is also an EGLS (Echo Guided Life Support Instructor), and has been a FICE/FUSIC (Focussed Intensive Care Ultrasound) Course Instructor.

He is currently studying Medicine at the University of Notre Dame in Sydney and holds appointments as an honorary researcher in emergency, cardiovascular, and critical care at Kingston University and St Georges University London, Adjunct Lecturer in Paramedicine at Charles Sturt University Australia, and sits on the editorial board of the Journal of Paramedic Practice.

You can find him on twitter at @Aidan_Baron

UK Faculty

Scott Hardy

UK Faculty Instructor

Scott is a Critical Care Paramedic with South East Coast Ambulance Service in the UK with nearly 20 years experience. He is a known advocate of high quality patient centred care with a keen focus on exquisite “Basic” care. Scott is also a passionate instructor for multiple courses including ALS, PHPLS & the UK lead instructor for the Difficult Airway Course EMS.

James Yates

UK Faculty Instructor

James is a house-hold name in UK Prehospital Care. He is a host on the Resus Room Podcast, a Trainee Advanced Paramedic Practitioner in Neonatal Intensive Care Retrieval for NEST, and specialist paramedic in critical care at Greater Western Air Ambulance. With over 15 years in clinical and education roles, James has a particular interest in remote, expedition and event medicine, both as a practitioner and educator and is a UKIETR Disaster relief paramedic, and expedition medicine lecturer for WEM. he Holds the DIMC from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, and an MSc and two postgraduate certifications in advanced practice and clinical development.

You can find him on twitter at @Heli_med_james

Ryan Perry

UK Faculty Instructor

Ryan is a senior registrar in Emergency Medicine based in the East of England and currently a simulation education fellow. He has a passion for pre-hospital care, ultrasound, & education, and is an associate lecturer at Anglia Ruskin Medical School.
Ryan holds level 1 and level 2 RCEM Ultrasound accreditations and is an ALS, PHTLS, and Human Factors Course Instructor. During his free time he also volunteers as a prehospital doctor responding to emergencies with the BASICS Essex Accident and Rescue Service (BEARS).

Australian Faculty

Chris Ennis

Australian Faculty Instructor

Chris is a Critical Care Flight Paramedic and Critical Care Paramedic Training Officer with Greater Sydney Area HEMS, and a Helicopter Critical Care Paramedic with CareFlight NSW. He has over two decades of experience in Prehospital Care; including work as a dual-specialist Intensive Care and Extended Care Paramedic since 2008, and Special Operations Paramedic since 2014 with New South Wales Ambulance Service; and as a MICA Paramedic in Victoria prior to this. Chris holds an an Adv.Dip in Paramedicine, a Grad.Dip Intensive Care Paramedicine, and Masters of Emergency Health from Monash University, as well as a B.App.Sci from Victoria University. He currently sits on the NSW Institute of Trauma and Injury Management Innovation Committee, The NSW Ambulance Clinical Advisory Committee, and the NSW Ambulance Aeromedical Equipment Committee; and is actively involved in prehospital critical care education and clinical innovation.

Justin Scott

Australian Faculty Instructor

Justin is a dual-specialist Intensive Care and Extended Care Paramedic working at New South Wales Ambulance where he has practiced for over a decade and a half. He is an experienced educator, teaching Undergraduate and Postgraduate Paramedicine at the University of Tasmania in Sydney, as well as being an accredited ALS1, ALS2, APLS, and ARLS Instructor. Alongside his clinical practice and teaching, he works in the Virtual Clinical Centre as a senior clinician offering telemedicine advice to paramedics around the state. Justin has a passion for extended and community practitioner development and is currently involved in curriculum and governance development for extended care paramedicine with the NSW Ambulance Service’s Office of the Director of Medical Services and Director of Paramedic Practice.

Kat Braithwaite

Australian Faculty Instructor

Kat (Katherine) has over 15 years of experience as a paramedic. She has worked with NSW Ambulance Service in specialist roles as an intensive care and extended care paramedic., as well as Rapid Launch Trauma Coordinator in the Aeromedical Control Centre. Kat has also gained extensive experience as a remote area medic over multiple deployments in the pacific; including the Solomon Islands, and over three years in total as a Marine Medic on Sea Patrol vessels. She holds a Masters of Public Health and Tropical Medicine from James Cook University, and a Graduate Certificate Emergency Health (Aeromedical and Retrieval) from Monash University. Alongside her clinical roles, Kat is also a sessional lecturer in paramedicine at the University of Tasmania in Sydney, and sits on the NSW Ambulance Service Clinical Practice Committee. She is a passionate educator and has a special interest in Remote, diving, and marine medicine; as well as Malaria and neglected tropical diseases.

Mal Lau

Australian Faculty Instructor

Mal began his journey in prehospital care as a paramedic with NSW Ambulance Service in 2002. He became an Intensive Care Paramedic in 2005, a Clinical Training Officer in 2009, a Special Operations Paramedic in 2011, and an Extended Care Paramedic in 2013. Since then he has held a number of clinical leadership and education roles including as extended care clinical lead -North, integrated care project officer, Low Acuity Programs coordinator, PHTLS instructor, and has worked as a Critical Care Helicopter Paramedic with Sydney HEMS since 2018, and Careflight since 2020.
When the uniform comes off, he enjoys time with his family, swimming, surfing, snow-skiing, good coffee, eating & travelling.

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